I am offering a new assessment, geared especially toward students in high school and college. We all naturally gravitate towards things we’re interested in and enjoy. Our interests and desires play a significant role in building our confidence and often form our passion. There are a variety of assessments that adolescents and young adults can take that will match their interests with a list of potential careers, majors, and educational paths. Post-secondary education is a fast-changing field, and an assessment may serve as a guidepost in helping students decide which path they want to start exploring. This may include a selection of career paths that require as little training as a vocational school, or the expertise of a graduate degree.

The assessments that I offer are self-administered, combined with an interview with the student and the parents to paint a more complete picture. The finished product will assess work-related personality traits, and help clients learn about possible career options. The finished report will also provide a tool to help individuals identify the potential barriers in their academic and career paths, such as decision-making confusion, commitment anxiety, and external conflict. The client will be provided with specific recommendations, and be given a multitude of potential areas to explore.

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