These evaluations are multi-faceted, and include numerous components:

  • An evaluation of cognitive skills is the standard starting point for evaluation, with the goal of getting an overall view of a child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning style in verbal, non-verbal, working memory, and processing speed realms.
  • Also included as a starting point is an initial interview, review of academic records, behavior checklists completed by the parents and teachers, and a test of graphic ability.
  • Academic achievement testing covers developing skills in reading, writing, spelling, math, listening, etc. Achievement test results are combined with IQ findings to assess how achievement relates to the child’s overall ability.
  • Specific neuro-developmental tests can be added to fine-tune understanding of specific areas such as attention, language, memory, processing skills, phonics skill, and executive functions.
  • Personality and emotional evaluation includes both projective and objective techniques. Tests are selected according to the child’s age and ability for expression, and may include numerous measures depending on the referral questions and presenting history.

Child at desk

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